Empty Plates: Ash Wednesday

As I was preparing a homemade crust today, I started thinking about the terrific collection of pie plates I’ve accumulated during my recent days as a baker.These are just a few of them. I’ve gotten pie plates that are shallow, deep, clear, colorful, metal, glass, decorative, small, shiny, and plain. Today, I’m trying out a pretty one with pictures of apples inside–kinda funny for a Cherry Pie, but it was a recent gift, and I wanted to test it out. It’s a bit smaller than some, but I like it. It’s homey. It seemed just right for homemade crust and a simple fruit pie.

Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the Lenten Season. Today, and during all the days leading up to Easter, we pause to consider God’s love for us and the sacrifice that Jesus made when He died for our sins.

Many people observe this holy season by giving up–sacrificing–something in their lives. Maybe chocolate, Facebook, or another habit. Some will add an observance, such as scripture reading or prayer–perhaps acts of kindness.

I won’t share what I’m “giving up” this year, but I will say that I’ve changed my perspective.

For me this year, Lent is more about being empty. Open. Expectant.

Like each of those empty pie plates, we are open vessels. Each of us is different; in size, color, style, age, capacity. But I believe that in spite of our many differences, we can all be filled IF we are open.

Consider this Lenten season as a time to be filled–perhaps by service or sacrifice–a time to be open and expectant.

Taste and see 
how good the LORD is! 
The one who takes refuge in Him 
is truly happy!

Psalm 34:8

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