My Cheatin’ Heart

All right. Confession time. I did not make a pie on Valentine’s Day. I love pie–really I do–but a clever combination of laziness and frugality caused me to “cheat” on pies today. But it was for a good cause. šŸ™‚

I have a fond memory of Valentine’s Day when I was a child. My mom set the table on Valentine’s Day, and under our napkins (red, if I remember correctly–my Mom loves red any day of the year) were little gifts. Mine was a chalkboard book. You could turn the pages and write on them with the chalk that was included. I thought it was fantastic. Even more delightful was wondering what was under that napkin!

My Dad would also give us a small box of candy or a carnation. I’m so glad to have found this card in a scrapbook of mine:

I loved those Valentine’s Day presents. And I loved that my parents cared enough to give them. We didn’t have a ton of money (no one with 5 kids does!) and I know it was an effort to get cards/gifts for everyone. It was worth it.

Every Valentine’s Day, I remember that chalkboard book and the carnations, and I try to make Valentine’s Day special for my family. I want them to know I care. And I want them to know they’re worth the trouble.

Ever since my kids were tiny, I’ve tried to do a little something special on Valentine’s Day. We get out the same old heart tablecloth, and we eat chocolate and open small presents. We love it every year. This year, I even made a special lunch for my husband. He works at home, so I like the chance to spoil him when I can. After all, he spoils me.Ā I made him someĀ Red Hot Valentine NachosĀ and someĀ Orange Sweetheart Cookies.Ā 

The cookies are actually how I cheated. They’re not pie. They’re not even close to pie, so technically, they don’t belong in this pie-lady’s blog. They were so tasty, though, that I had to share.

BUT, to make pie feel better, I put the cookies in a pie dish and took their picture.

I had such success with those cookies that I wanted to share the super-easy recipe:

1 box of cake mix (any flavor)

2 eggs

1/2 cup oil

Mix and drop teaspoonfuls onto ungreased cookie sheet.

Bake at 350 degrees from 10-12 minutes.

I cooled them on a rack and then iced them with store-bought cream cheese frosting. So delicious.

Today, I cheated on pie. But I’ve also been on a mission to cheat on Valentine’s Day. Not toĀ cheat on Valentine’s Day, but to cheat onĀ Valentine’s Day.

What I mean is this:

Are we really gonna let the greeting card industry tell us when to show love to people?

How crazy. So cheat on it. Send a card with a big ‘ole heart–in JUNE. Buy some flowers for your spouse or your kids–ON A THURSDAY. Sneak around. Do someone else’s least favorite chore. Cook a favorite meal. Call your mother. Give a tiny present all wrapped up with a bow. ANY DAY. ANY TIME. JUST BECAUSE EVERYONE YOU KNOW DESERVES LOVE.

Today, and every day, do loving things with reckless abandon.



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