The 12 Pies of Christmas: Lords a Leaping Quiche

First of all, I’d like to say that my Countdown App has once again confused me. How did I end up on 10 Lords a Leaping today? I should only have two days left, but in two days it will only be the 23rd? Huh?

Whatever. Today’s pie turned out delicious. If there were any lords here, they’d be leaping for sure. I did end up serving the quiche to four awesome guys in my family, so we’ll count them as lords.

I just couldn’t take another sweet pie around here. I’m all jacked up on sugar from Christmas food and beverages. It’s making me punchy, and I needed a protein break. Besides, I had no idea what was for dinner, and quiche pie would work.

This yummy quiche was baked in a pie shell and included sausage, eggs, 2 kinds of cheese, green peppers, onions, and the ever-awesome

heavy cream.

I don’t know why heavy cream makes everything more delicious. It just does.

It took about one hour to bake this delicious lord-worthy quiche, and it even looked as tasty as it smelled.

We served it up with a small salad of romaine, orange segments, craisins, and sesame ginger dressing. Five people were there to eat, and the only problem was that we needed MORE–because everyone wanted seconds. Turns out we all needed a little something savory.
Here’s a slice of the Lords A Leaping Quiche:

I really gotta admire people who find the will power to eat decently over the holidays.

Good for you, Protein Eater!

Mazal Tov, you Moderate Portion Takers!

Huzzah to you, Veggie Muncher!

Kudos, Kashi Taster!

Rock on, Year Round Exerciser!

If you’re not one of those folks, grab those cookies on your way over and come sit by me.

Pig Out, Pie People!

Keep an eye out for what the Pipers are Piping tomorrow. It’s almost Christmas!



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