The 12 Pies of Christmas: 9 Ladies Dancing Party Pie

Mincemeat Pie

Above is a site that tells all about Mincemeat Pie, which is today’s pie for the Ninth Day of Christmas.

Early on in my blogging days–a couple of months ago–I listed Mincemeat as a pie I wasn’t going to make. But I broke down and did it anyway. Several people asked about it, and I was amazed to discover that many people had sweet childhood memories surrounding this pie.

My husband and I are headed to a Christmas party tonight, and there will be LOTS of people there, so I figured that Mincemeat Pie will have a better chance of being eaten than it would in my fridge. I’m hoping that old folks and sentimentality will empty the plate.

Growing up, I’m sure that this pie graced the table of desserts at my grandmother’s house, but for the kids, it was always the one that made you crinkle up your face and say,

“Where’s the chocolate pie?”

That being said, I decided to be a trooper and try out this traditional holiday pie. Not sure what’s in it yourself? Here are the ingredients, listed from the jar of mincemeat I bought at the store:

All right, so I can totally accept raisins, apples, and citrus peel in a pie, but

Beef? Really?

The curiosity is killing me. Since there will be tasty holiday treats-a-plenty at the party, I promise to try a sliver of this culinary curiosity tonight. At least I can wash it down with some holiday spirit or chase it with some sausage balls or something. Wish me luck!

Here’s the finished Mincemeat Pie. There’s a cute little Christmas tree on top that I poked in with a fork, and the top’s nice and brown–thanks to egg wash. It’ll have more than three hours to cool, so I’m hoping that’ll make for decent slices.

I’ll let you know tomorrow how it tastes, and we’ll see if tomorrow’s pie makes the local lords leap…



One thought on “The 12 Pies of Christmas: 9 Ladies Dancing Party Pie

  1. Johann Reid says:

    I, your mother,like mincemeat pie. In your father’s family and childhood were many, many mincemeat cookies, which I also made when you and your sibs were small. They are quite tasty and there is usually a recipe on the jar or surely there are many on the web.

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