T.S.S. Pie

Today’s pie is a Bananaganache Pie. It is like a banana cream pie, but the crust (homemade, by the way!) is coated with chocolate ganache.

Oh my ganache!

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

Anyway, my soundtrack for baking this evening was “The Goat Rodeo Sessions” featuring Yo-Yo Ma and some of his fiddle buddies. Excellent music for baking, driving, dinner or whatever. Good for thinking, too.

After pre-baking a homemade crust (side note: margarine is NOT the same as butter. Duh.), I made a chocolate ganache with semi-sweet baking chocolate and half and half. Then I spread that awesome stuff on the bottom of the crust and put it in the freezer to stiffen up a bit.

Next, I lined the bottom with sliced bananas. If you’re ever wondering what to do with extra banana slices, dropping them into leftover chocolate ganache is an excellent idea. Just sayin’.

The pie’s filling goes on top of all that. It’s made of banana pudding, whipped cream, and some cream cheese–all blended together. Thick and tasty.

On top of THAT, I placed more sliced bananas. Finally, I added chocolate shavings and whipped cream, just to increase the awesomeness.

It sure did look cool. I hope it will be tasty. And I wish it was magical.

But it’s not.

Today, I’m thinking of some friends of ours–doesn’t matter which ones–that have had a loss this year. It was a terrible, tragic loss–death of a loved one. It wasn’t fair. It didn’t seem right. We all were filled with questions–I’m sure especially them.

It sucked.

I’m thinking about them because the holidays are upon us. It’s almost Thanksgiving. First Thanksgiving without their loved one.

Maybe you know someone like them. Lost a daughter, a father, a classmate, a son, a friend, an unborn child, a spouse.

It’s been well over a year since my Dad left this Earth. I’m not sad for him–not a bit. His work is done. And most of the time, I can think of him and smile.

But sometimes, the grief is so BIG.

It STILL sucks.

Now, I know that’s not very diplomatic-sounding or ladylike or any of that, but it’s the inspiration for today’s pie. I’m taking pie to my friends to say, “This still sucks. And you can feel whatever you want about it.”

I’ve been around a lot of well-meaning folks who want to tell grieving people how to feel.

You should feel thankful–he’s in a better place.

You should rejoice–her pain is over.

You should look to God–He has a reason for this.

Yeah. Well.

Don’t “should” on yourself.

Or on me, thank you very much.

I’m sure many of you can relate. When you have lost someone you love, you don’t want anyone telling you what to do or feel. Even now–when I SHOULD perhaps feel better about my Dad–I miss him. So there.

If you know someone this holiday season who just doesn’t want to be thankful on Thanksgiving, or who doesn’t feel like celebrating at Christmas time–just let them feel what they want. Grief changes, yes, but I’m not convinced it ever goes completely away.

Pray for them. Sit with them. Be there.

Today’s pie is Bananaganache, but I’m really calling it T.S.S. Pie.

This Still Sucks Pie.

Because it does. And that’s OK.


5 thoughts on “T.S.S. Pie

  1. marfdrat says:

    At times like this – when I read a blog post (yours or mine) remembering something about Dad- that the big ‘ol grief comes and settles on me, for however brief a period. I think you’re right: it never really goes away. It advances and recedes, and finds creative ways to creep back. It’s happened a lot when we’ve been up to Mom’s to cut grass; I see all the stuff he used to stay busy with, now laying dormant. I’m comforted that he’s enjoying his heavenly reward, but I’d sure love to hear him talk about hunting, or what he’s working on over at the church, or any of the stories that he shared with us over the years about his childhood. Anything. And, of course, I’d love to hear his retelling of that story that ended with the line: ‘tater pie! Is there any other kind?

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