Wagon Pie

I can quit any time I want….really!

Or so I thought. At 5:30 this morning, I fell off the wagon–or got back on, depending how you look at it. I woke up thinking about pie. It didn’t help that Daylight Savings Time was this weekend, which I think is a crazy idea. Here’s my alternative plan: Wake up when it’s light. Go to bed when it’s dark. Duh.

Anyway, my addicted brain started making a list of justifications:

1. I never made a pie for Ruthie’s Language Arts teacher.

2. I have that one stray crust left.

3. We’ll never eat all those apples.

4. I’m up early anyway.

And the list goes on. The truth?

I accidentally got addicted to baking pies. Woops.

I guess there are worse things to get hooked on. Can’t see the harm in it. Besides, there are so many people who deserve pie! So I started baking at 5:45.

Today’s pie is for Mrs. Carter. She encourages my kid in language arts each day. I’m thankful for her, and so is my daughter. So she deserves today’s Apple Pear Crumb Pie.

It’s just apples and pears and cinnamon, oh my! Well–and flour and sugar, too. I did only have the one crust, so I made a crumble for the top.

And speaking of addicting, the familiar pie-baking smell that filled my house just filled my soul at the same time. Smells like home around here.

They say it takes 21 days to form a real habit. Turns out, 40 days works, too. 

One of the things I’m hoping to practice as a 40-year-old is more of this “fearless trying.” I tried pies, even though I never had and didn’t know how. This weekend, I tried spaghetti squash, which was delicious. I just bravely brought it home and figured it out.

You could do the same thing with squash or anything else.

Today’s “fearless” feat? Mammogram. First one ever. Do I think it’ll be as rewarding and fun as baking pies? Probably not. Necessary? Without a doubt.

Today is the very first day my insurance would pay for a mammogram. So I’m getting one. Cancer took my Dad. I’ll be darned if it sneaks up on me.

So, I’m off to deliver a pie.

What will you fearlessly try today?


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