Velvet Elvis

I’d like to start off by showing pictures of the cute pies I delivered this morning. I sent the “Little Boo” to my friend Olivia. The “Big Boo” went to my son’s second grade teacher, and another “Big Boo” went to the front office staff at his school. I thought the candy corns looked great on those pumpkin pies.

Today’s pie is called Velvet Elvis Pie¬†because of its ingredients–peanut butter and bananas (the King’s favorite). The “velvet” part is because of the added chocolate. Doesn’t chocolate make everything velvety?
I found a recipe online a while back and I forgot about it–until today when I noticed I had some bananas ready to use. Luckily, I also had all the other ingredients around for the pie.

I chopped about 4 ounces of semi-sweet baking chocolate and melted it with butter and a little corn syrup on the stove top. Melty chocolate is very tempting, but I did not lick the spoon until AFTER the pie was done.

The pie requires layers of sliced bananas in a graham cracker crust (called for chocolate graham cracker, but that’s not what I had on hand), yummy peanut butter stuff (made with crunchy peanut butter and cream cheese) and the melty chocolate. The most challenging part (besides not eating all the ingredients) was spreading the thick peanut butter stuff over the bananas without moving the bananas around too much. It worked out pretty well with a small spatula, but it was not a job to hurry through.

The finished pie ends with peanuts on top of the last layer of chocolate. Crunchy, salty goodness. Then it all goes into the freezer for six hours. Just enough time before tonight’s trick-or-treating fun with friends. I’ll be taking three pies over there tonight: Velvet Elvis, a pumpkin pie from last night, and a second lemonade pie that I made this morning before the Elvis Pie. That ought to be enough for everyone to have something they like.
I think the finished pie looks tasty, and I’m anxious to see a slice of it tonight. I love the way layered ingredients look in a slice of pie.

3 days to go until the big 4-0! 59 pies baked. Stay tuned!


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