What makes a pie Presbyterian, Steve?

Today, I was interested in making a one-crust pie, because I had enough homemade dough in the fridge for just one crust. I had some pecans, too, and I like to use those when they’re fresh, so I decided on a pecan pie. I found this recipe in a church cookbook:Now, I must admit, I am very curious about what makes this a Presbyterian Pecan Pie. The sweetness, the simplicity? Any Presbyterians out there, help me out! I’m a Methodist now, and I grew up Baptist, so I wish I had some of those pies to compare this one to. 🙂

Now, here’s what you line the crust with–pecans and chocolate chips. I know the chocolate chips weren’t in the recipe, but doesn’t chocolate make everything taste better? Woops, probably just made the pie Methodist. Sorry, Steve! I’ll tell you what, it smelled practically Pentecostal when it was baking…Hallelujah!

Anyway, you poor the mixed filling over the nuts and chips. I have to say, adding those chips cost me a tiny bit of filling, I think. That crust was FULL! So full, in fact, that I chose to bake it on a pizza pan–those give away pie pans tend to “give way” anyway.

It baked for close to an hour. I was grateful for this; someone in my house burned popcorn last night, and I was glad for the sweet smell of pie again. Here’s the finished product, all toasty brown and yummy-looking. Won’t get to taste this one, though. It’s going to some fine people I know from our church. Diane works in the church nursery and volunteers in the office. Lowery has been on the finance team and the trustees and a bunch of other stuff that deserves thanking. Their daughter, Lauren, has helped out a ton at the church, too. Besides, they’re just good people. I know one day they’ll probably have jewels in their crowns, but since I’m not in charge of that, I’ll send pie! Thanks, fine family, for all that you do. Your service does not go unnoticed! Hope you enjoy the pie–whatever denomination it is…


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