Italian Sausage Pie

Today, I had to make a savory pie. The thing about having sweet pies around all the time is this: you eat them. So I thought I’d make an Italian Sausage Pie for our late lunch. We all slept late, which was heavenly, and ate a late breakfast. So it was fine that we didn’t end up eating this pie until about 2:30.

I cut up some sausage links I had in the fridge. They weren’t technically Italian sausage, but I used sauce that had an Italian sausage flavor, so it didn’t really matter. Into a deep pie dish I put the following: sauce, whole wheat penne pasta (cooked), browned sausage pieces, and mozzarella cheese. On top, I put Bisquick batter mixed with garlic salt and more mozzarella cheese. I baked it all in the oven at 450 degrees for about 30 minutes. You really do have to keep testing it until a knife comes out clean, or else the topping will be doughy.

It got toasty brown, and it smelled really good baking. Three of us ate it for lunch, and everyone liked it. Turns out, you can put Bisquick on top of pretty much anything, and it’ll taste good. If I changed anything, I might’ve made the topping more garlicky and less thick. I’ll bet that adding more milk would thin it out just right.

Tomorrow, it’s back to sweet pies, so stay tuned.


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