Vanilla Whoopsy Pie

Yep. That’s what I named it. As in, “Whoopsy! It’s 9:00 and I forgot that I haven’t baked a pie today!” We drove eleven and a half hours home from Virginia today. Don’t ask me why a nine and a half hour trip took eleven and a half–it just did. So my pie making time–and energy–was cut short. So here’s how I made today’s pie:First of all, I pre-baked my crust on a lower rack than I’ve been using. My mom said this weekend that she always uses the lower rack–makes for a crisper crust–so we’ll see how that goes for a few pies. After it baked for 10 minutes, I took a hot bath while it cooled on a rack. It was good to wash off that road trip.

Then, I mixed the following with a hand mixer:

4 oz. cream cheese (should have been room temperature, but wasn’t–WOOPSY)

1 box of vanilla instant pudding mix

1 1/2 cups of milk

I beat it for “a while” on high-speed to try to get those little lumps out–I’m tellin’ ya, cream cheese just has to be room temperature, but it did ok, I guess. Then, I dumped the filling into the pie shell. Lastly, I added Nilla Wafers to the edge and then crumbled a bunch on top. Could not have been any easier. The whole process (minus the time for the hot bath) was about 20 minutes.

Here’s the finished pie. I put it in the fridge and am looking forward to trying it tomorrow. That glass of wine in the background is optional. If you choose to drink and bake, just make sure you don’t get yourself into too many WOOPSY situations…

Lastly, I want to share a picture from our weekend. Here’s our family headed  UP the hill of a roller coaster. Notice everyone’s faces…

There’s no doubt we’re having fun. I have to admit that my son’s face (the small brown one) sums it all up for me–30 days ’til I turn 40, and even though my eyes are squeezed shut with anticipation, I can’t wait to throw up my hands and yell all the way down the hill!


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