Pie Lady on Vacation

I haven’t made any pies since our arrival at Westerly Beach, Rhode Island, but I’ve shared a delicious slice. My husband and I battled spoons over Mississippi Mud Pie at the famous Watch Dog Cafe in Stonington last night.

And in a streak of luck, I found this tasty beach read this morning. Can’t wait to dig in!

Maybe I’ll bake a pie next week when I’m home, but for now, I don’t miss my kitchen. I don’t miss unpacking. Right now, I’m thoroughly content to dig my toes into the sand.
This vacation is as delicious as eating dessert just when you’re full–you know the feeling–when you’ve eaten probably two or three (or seven) bites more than you should have, but you feel no regrets because it was SO GOOD.
Here’s to resting, relaxing, and eating pie that someone else made.
P.S. I could get used to blogging on the beach.


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