Father’s Day Appleberry Pie

So we made it to Connecticut! It was a long drive, but we stopped a lot and tried to have a little fun along the way. Today marks one whole week of living “up north” and, I add much less enthusiastically, my SIXTEENTH night sleeping on an air mattress. I might add that we still only have one chair, because our storage pods have not yet arrived from Georgia. So as long as I’m standing (that air mattress ruins my Sunday afternoon nap tradition), I figured I’d bake a pie.

Besides, it’s Father’s Day, so I love any chance I get to say “Thanks!” to the best dad around–my sweet husband.IMG_2944I’m so grateful for the wonderful Dad he is to our kids. They love him so much, and so do I!

Seeing how I only have one(1) pan and one(1) bowl, both of which I bought out of desperation, my pie materials were limited, however; I was able to whip up an Appleberry Pie.

berryappleI peeled and chopped one red delicious apple, one granny smith apple  and added a little under a pint of strawberries. I used the measuring cups I was born with (hands) to add some flour, sugar, cinnamon and salt. There was also a bit of lemon juice in there, to keep the apples from browning. I dumped it all into a pie crust in an aluminum pie pan. Normally, I prefer glass pie plates, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Next, I set my new(to me) oven for 375 degrees and hoped that 45 minutes was the same here as it is in Georgia. Time would tell. One thing’s for sure, the house smells great, and I opened to two windows in my kitchen to tease the neighbors. 🙂


dadpieThe pie turned out tasty-looking, and it turns out that this oven takes another 10 minutes, but it’s worth the wait. It will wait here until after supper tonight. There’s a half-gallon of vanilla ice cream in the freezer just waiting to make friends with this Appleberry Pie. Definitely something to look forward to–like getting furniture.

We’ve had a good time getting to know our new town, and we’ve been LOVING the cooler weather. Stay tuned for more pie news from “way up north.”  Happy Father’s Day!



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