3.14 Reasons to Bake Pie

Yep. It’s March 14. 3.14. Even though National Pie Day is in January, for math nerds, PI DAY is today! In honor of this day, I give you 3.14 reasons to bake pie.

pi oven1. Your house will smell incredibly delicious.

I was stirring up ingredients for pie at about 6:15 this morning. I started with Chocolate Chess Pie and later baked an Apple Pie. Our house is on the market, and it’s too bad no one came to see it today. They would have made an offer based solely on the smells coming from the kitchen this morning. It smelled like home, for sure!

2. You will make friends.

I was amused and honored this morning to open up my Facebook account and find questions from some of my friends and pie enthusiasts, “What are you making today, Pie Lady?” “Have you created a new pie concoction?” It’s nice to be semi-famous for something. And really, there’s no denying the POWER OF PIE. I can prove it. Yesterday, my 14 1/2 year old daughter, who by now could easily have moved on to the deep-sigh-eye-rolling stage of our parent/child relationship, said to me, “Hey Mama, ya know, tomorrow’s Pi Day. Don’t you wanna bring some pies to lunch?”

pi pie


Absolutely, YES, you terrific kid who isn’t too embarrassed for her Mom to show up during lunch with a big ole basket of pie and a can of whipped topping. Yes. And just because you asked. And while I’m at it, thanks for knowing why March 14 is Pi/Pie Day. You rock, kid, and I love being your Mom.

3. People appreciate stuff you do for them–especially when there’s food involved.

I took the two pies to my daughter’s school at lunch time. She ran to greet me with a hug (day made), and after they ate lunch, her friends ate pie. Most of her friends chose the chocolate. She alerted her favorite teacher, who promptly rushed over from the teachers’ table to grab a slice of apple. Some boys at a nearby table enjoyed apple, and a few other lucky staff members got the last slices.

I love watching folks eat pie. It’s rarely a dainty process. They stab the first bite eagerly, almost always pausing for some kind of yummy noise–and after that, it’s a sticky-fingered, chin-wiping, fork-licking, eat-those-last-bites-of-crust-with-your-fingers delight. The look on their faces–appreciation. It’s a good look on everyone.

RA pie friends

.14 Pie tastes good.

That’s a short reason, but I only needed .14.


Happy Pi Day–and may your tomorrow be at least 3.14 times better than today. 🙂



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