The Advent of Reflection

reflectAs I began making homemade crusts this afternoon (I really like them better than the store-bought ones), I realized that my view had changed. There’s a certain counter in our kitchen where I usually roll out dough, but because some dishes were drying on it, I changed spots. The above photo shows my new crust-making perspective. Nothing out of the ordinary, except for the two ornaments hanging from our outside–well–tree. The tree is outside our kitchen window just beside our patio. It started as a stick–one stick–of a confederate rose bush. Now, this “bush” is as tall as the back of myself and plenty big to decorate, so we hung ornaments on it.

Today, I loved staring at the silver ball in the center–it reflected all that was inside our home right back to me, albeit much tinier and a little distorted. It reflected the chandelier that lights our kitchen table, where we share meals together. It reflected me, right where I love to be, making pies. I smiled to think of all the sweet memories made just in the scope of what this ornament could reflect.

Busy in my new crust-making location, I wrapped up about 10 crusts and placed them in the fridge. They last 3 days or so, and I wanted to be ready for this busy week in the kitchen.

Later this afternoon, I baked two Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pies.


I delivered them tonight to my friends who are treating all the firefighters and EMTs in our county. The pies have a smooth, sweet, peanut-buttery filling. My favorite part, though, is the crunchy peanuts and the chocolate chips on the top of each pie. I was so much happier with the crusts today, too. The homemade ones have just enough butter to make them cooperative.

I loved delivering the pies tonight to my friends, but for me, the few moments staring at a “new” perspective in my kitchen made all the effort worth it.

Taking a moment to reflect each day is the key, I believe, to realizing how blessed we truly are.

In just a few moments–really less than one minute–I remembered a ton of happy times in our kitchen, at our table, in our home. Even though sometimes, like the reflection in the ornament, our memories are a little distorted or faint, we are fortunate to have them. Reflecting on the past (not dwelling on it), is time well spent.

Often, the reflection of our memories, both pleasant and painful, can shine a brilliant light on the path ahead of us.

Take time today to appreciate the gift of reflection. And may your memories reflect onto a bright path that shines just for you!

“Sometimes, you have to look back in order to understand the things that lie ahead.”
― Yvonne Woon


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