The Advent of Singing!

This is an audience participation song. If you are reading this, you must sing along to the tune of “On Top of Spaghetti.”


Ready? Everyone together, with feeling!

On top of some apples
And cranberries red
The baker placed sugar
“And walnuts!” she said
But in her big hurry
She started to bake
Forgetting the flour
The mixture should take
The pie smelled delicious
The berries, well done!
But when she removed it
The top was no fun.


And while it still smelled nice
Flour matters, it’s true
Cause without the flour
The top looked like poo
The story ends happy
‘Cause the pie tasted great
It was good for the tummy
Though ugly on the plate
The moral is simple
For bakers of pie…

Some pies turn out ugly

But they’re still worth a try!




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