The Advent of Sharing

Today was full of notable people, things, and events. At our church today, I was a proud mom watching my son sing with the kids choir and my daughter sing “Ave Maria” all by herself. It was more than notable–to me anyway. I could barely video, I was so overwhelmed.


Now if that wasn’t enough, I was blessed to share a chili luncheon with friends from our church. I think there were 10 or 12 different crocks of chili and lots of yummy bread and cheese to go with it. Not to mention delicious desserts. I tasted a yummy banana pudding and a slice of my own Chocolate Chess Pie. My stomach and my heart were both full as we visited with friends in the gym. It just felt so–ABUNDANT. I thought fondly of my Dad, who loved to pile different foods on his plate at a church supper. I remember him saying once, “It’s polite to try everybody’s…” I was so polite today that my stomach hurt. 🙂


It struck me as I looked around. Our lives may not be perfect. Troubles come and go. Times change quickly. One thing is for sure:

If you’ve got a pot of something to share and someone to share it with, you are rich.

So much richer than so many in this troubled world.

Having enough to eat is a true blessing, but having someone to share with makes the blessing bigger. If today or tomorrow, you share a cup of coffee, a sandwich, your candy bar, some soup, or anything with someone you care about, you are blessed. Each day brings us an opportunity to share something with someone. Make your plan now for how you’ll use your chance to share. My plan involves this pot of yummy chocolate chips and butter.
Tonight, I baked a new recipe, Tarheel Pie. It was not difficult at all, and I still have a few ready-made crusts, so that made it even simpler.  I melted chocolate chips (the mini ones melt faster) with a whole stick of butter. A whole stick. Not a pat or a tablespoon. This pie is not messing around.
chipsNext, I mixed eggs, sugar, brown sugar, vanilla, flour and salt together and then mixed in the awesome chocolate elixir. The icing on the cake (or the pie, as the case may be) was adding MORE chocolate chips and a big scoop of flaked coconut to the batter right at the end. It baked for about 40 minutes and smelled like the best brownies ever.

The sharing part will happen tomorrow morning at work (much to my kids’ chagrin). I am so thankful to work with some wonderful women each day. I just love them. Not a one of them is wealthy or famous. They are all going through the stuff of life like champions, and I’ve never seen such community–they support one another through the ups and downs. I know this is true, because they’ve supported me with hugs, laughs, casseroles, and anything else I’ve needed in the time we’ve worked together. I consider it a privilege to support them right back.

Tomorrow, we’ll share Tarheel Pie. Can’t wait to taste it. So grateful for the chance to share!tarheel pie


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