Be Whelmed

A lot has happened over the last few months in this world. In this country. In your neighborhood or town. In my life.

We all know we’re supposed to say things like, “Change is good” or “I can make it through this time in my life.” Both of those things are true, but sometimes we need more convincing than others. Often, we spend time thinking of what we CAN’T do, or what DIDN’T go our way:

–I didn’t lose the weight.

–We can’t pay this debt.

–I don’t understand.

–She can’t solve such a big problem.

–That’s not what I planned.

–He’s not getting better.

–I can’t catch up.

–She’ll never learn.


All this negative talk and thinking leaves us in a state of being that is, in a word, OVERWHELMING. I don’t know what everyone should do when this overwhelming state comes on. But here’s what I did.

Step #1: Take stock of what you have.

Look around. See what you already have. Stop thinking about what you DON’T have. Yesterday, I took all of the pie ingredients I could find in my pantry and put them on my kitchen table. I didn’t buy them–I already had them around. I just forgot about the stuff. Each one of us has something to work with–no matter how small that thing might be. Pie stuff, a smile to give, our health, a tank full of gas, a table to share a meal, a phone call, something.


Step #2: Anticipate something good.

Before I baked the first pie, I put a tablecloth on my dining room table. I found all of my cooling racks and trivets. I acted like I would get something done. I anticipated that table full of beautiful pies. That anticipation (hope, if you will) was just enough to get me started. I also had a little side motivation. My daughter had asked me to join her at a holiday craft fair at her school. She painted some cool light switch covers to sell, and she needed a booth buddy, so me and the pies were in. I baked 2 Pecan Pies, 1 Apple Pie, 2 Peanut Pies, 2 Chocolate Chess Pies, and 1 Mixed Berry Pie.  This brings me to the next step.

Step #3: Share.

We really did have a great day at the craft fair. I sold all but one pie, which we were very happy to have for dessert tonight. Pictured above is my SECOND slice of the evening. So salty, sweet and delicious–both times! I got to see some folks I haven’t seen in a while, and I had one awesome customer who did something great. She DID NOT buy a pie–not for herself. She said that she was on a diet, but she knew that I would know someone who really needed a pie. So she paid for one and told me to give it away. She took stock of what she had ($10.00). She anticipated something good (a happy, deserving pie-eater). She shared(I already found a very deserving pie-eater who was happy to take a pie home today). That customer made my day.

I was so tired from all that baking and pie-selling, but encouraged, so I made two more pies–a loyal customer found out I was baking and put in some requests. She’s anticipating Apple Pie and Coconut Cream Pie. I hope she’ll share!

Remember, when you’re feeling overwhelmed,

Take stock.

Anticipate something good.


Maybe then you’ll be whelmed. 🙂


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