Can you make change?

Today, I participated in a yard sale at our church. For several hours, folks looked over tables of treasures, chatted about the hot weather, and several asked me,

“Can you make change?”

I could make change because I’d remembered to get dollar bills and quarters yesterday at the bank. I had plenty of time at the yard sale to think about that question some more. (Though I’m surprised my brain did not totally fry in the incredible Georgia heat. H.O.T.)

Can you make change? Not the money kind. Change. Can you change things? Or people? Or stuff? Or your destiny? Heavy questions for a pie lady.

Tonight, I baked Strawberry Pie. Tomorrow, there’s a covered dish supper for a wonderful lady who’s retiring from our staff. A BIG change for her. Now, she’ll be retired. She’ll change the way she spends her time. I’m so happy for her and glad that she’ll have more time to enjoy her children and grandchildren.

The strawberries changed a bit. They were excellent just way they came. They were perfectly tasty and sweet and juicy. Then they changed. Change happened to them. Things happened to change their flavor and shape.

The older I get, the more I believe that people don’t always “make change.”

Sometimes, change makes people.

The way people are is wonderful. People are excellent, just the way they start out. Take my son and daughter, for example. Excellent from the start, in my unbiased opinion. 🙂

Since they were babies, change has happened to them. Moving, growing, learning, school, knowing people, loving people, learning about themselves, wondering about the world. So much change.  When they were little, I sometimes wanted them to stay the same forever. They were so precious to me. So perfect and wonderful. Change happened anyway, whether I wanted it or not. Always does.

But let me tell you, I like what change did for those little people. I’m so proud of who they’ve become. My husband and I couldn’t be happier with the third grader and the eighth grader that will start another school year Monday morning. (Yes! Monday morning, July 30! We start early in Georgia.)

One can consider change as something difficult or scary. Sometimes, we feel like we can change things ourselves.Sometimes, we just wish we could change things.

I guess we do “make change.”

 Really, though, I think change makes us.

Even if we don’t understand it when it’s happening, change makes our lives beautiful. Even if it can take years to understand why change happens, it fills us with an inevitable wonder that shapes us. All in all, I’m in favor of change.

Just look what it did for those strawberries!


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