Resolution Pie

This morning, I was awakened by the bells of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit. We’ve lived adjacent to their property for 10 years now, and today marks the first time those beautiful bells have woken me up. It was a gorgeous welcome to this new year. The bells were the only sound I could hear, and they broke through the stillness to say, “Rejoice! It’s time to begin.” I’m takin’ it as a good sign.

Don’t let those carrots in the photo above frighten you. I can’t think of anything I want LESS in a pie today than carrots. Everyone’s blogging and Facebooking and Tweeting about getting fit, and sure, I’ve got some healthy goals, too, but today’s pie is a sweet pie. It’s called

If-You’re-Doing-Something-Right-Keep-Doing-It Apple Pie.

Someone asked me to bring a pie for dessert today to follow the greens and black-eyed peas (which I love, by the way), and it didn’t take me long to decide on apple. Apple pie’s delicious, I had apples, so there.

I did get some new tools for Christmas, thanks to sweet family members.

A new apron, a cool crust cutter, a y-peeler, and a pretty red pie plate all helped me with my apple pie today. All of them seemed to work great. I need to practice a bit on that peeler, but it definitely allows for more fruit in the pie–the paring knife method I used before really cut too deep and wasted apples.

But the filling’s the same: apples, cinnamon, sugar, salt, corn starch. Works every time.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I’m not saying there is never room for change or improvement, but if you’re doing something right, keep doing it. And you are doing something right. Everybody gets down sometimes. We’ve all had days when we feel like everything goes poorly–like everything we touch turns to…well…something we didn’t want it to turn to.

But many, many days are very good. And many, many people are very good. Including you. Don’t forget it.

New Year’s Day is traditionally a time of beating ourselves up disguised as “resolutions.” Again, if you’re a good goal-maker, keep at it. Some people really get things done that way. I’ve met a few goals and I’ve fallen short of a few (okay, more than a few). But don’t spend today thinking of all the things you didn’t do last year. Here’s your challenge:

Before you make any goals or resolutions for 2012, first make a list of what you did RIGHT in 2011. I know, I know….we’re to be humble and never toot our own horns, right? NO. Sure, bragging’s not fun to listen to, but I think it’s healthy from time to time to say to yourself, “Hey! I’m alright. Look at what I’ve done so far–this definitely means I can accomplish stuff. What next?”

So start blowin’ that horn

and make the list. 10 things  you did right. This year, do those 10 things again and add 10 more.

‘Cause you’re alright. Don’t forget it.

Here’s wishing you and yours a year full of good days, good people, and love! Happy New Year!



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