Enjoying a Four Pie Sunday and FORTY THREE!

This afternoon, I kinda went crazy baking pies. I ended up making FOUR pies today. This brings my total up to FORTY THREE pies, and I still have 11 days to go. Yum.

The first pie was my second Key Lime Pie. It was every bit as easy as the first one I made, and I had fun decorating this one. Zesting was still not my favorite baking activity, for the record.

When I saw my friends, Rose and Amy, this morning at church, I decided that today was their day for pie. They’re great ladies, and great friends AND they know how to do all kinds of stuff. So much stuff that they have their own business called “Two Broads Get Around To It.” They’ve done gorgeous painting, detailed cleaning, and beautiful work in our yard. If you need anything at all done, I highly recommend them. But mostly , I just think they’re terrific people. They were the ones who told me about Nellie and Joe’s Key Lime Juice. They are just awesome, and awesomeness deserves pie.

Pie number two was a Chocolate Dream Pie. I found the recipe in a church lady cookbook. My sweet husband helped me stir chocolate filling while I rounded up ingredients and separated egg yolks. That way, the filling didn’t burn. It’s hard to see, but this one not only has whipped cream, but also grated chocolate on top. That was fun, and I was glad I did not grate my fingers.

Pie number three was Pinky Methier’s Coconut Custard Pie. Pinky is a sweet lady at my church, and she gave me the recipe a few years back. I am delighted to have a copy in her own handwriting. Just as I was about to dump the filling into a lovely homemade crust, I remembered that this one forms its own crust, which is why I had to make a fourth pie today. I mean, hey, the crust was already ready, right? Here’s my favorite part of Pinky’s recipe–See how she wrote, “Enjoy :).”

That’s really the point of life isn’t it? Enjoy. Enjoy. It means “to take delight from.” What do you enjoy each day? Today, I enjoyed making pies. It gave me great delight. And I hope others enjoy the finished products.Pie number four really did get going because of that extra crust. It was already prepared, and I really didn’t have room in my fridge or freezer for it, so I baked a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pie.It should be noted that today was the first time I used an official “pinch” of salt. Seriously, they have measures for pinch, smidgen, and dash. I used it to humor my husband, who is a religious measurer. I am not, but today, I was.

Anyway, I’ve made the Peanut Butter Pie before, but this time, at the last minute, I added chocolate chips on the top. Again, chocolate, like bacon, makes all things better.

I probably won’t taste any of these pies. The Key Lime was picked up tonight and the others will be delivered tomorrow along with one other new pie I’m trying out.

You’ll have to wait and see what it is, but here’s some foreshadowing.


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