“EXCELLENT…” was my proclamation in the kitchen this morning. It came out with an eerie, calm sarcasm that you could smell out loud. Frankly, I was pleased that I didn’t say anything I shouldn’t.

Here’s what provoked me:

I didn’t think I’d said it very loudly, but later, when my husband came down for breakfast, he asked, “So what happened down here–That made you say, ‘Excellent? ‘”

It fell from the top shelf. Fortunately, a lot of flour stayed in the bag and I was already done with it for the day anyway. I got everything cleaned up before anybody even came downstairs. I mean, gee, I was dying to take EVERYTHING out of the bottom of the pantry and clean the floor anyway, right?

I’ll tell you which pie I was baking when this happened, but first, LOOK AT THIS!! My husband had a business trip to Texas earlier this week, and he brought me this wonderful present! Can you believe he found a pie charm to commemorate my 40th and my pie adventure? Sweet, thoughtful guy…You can’t see it in this photo, but the back of the crust says, “Sweet Potato.” Awwww…..

Anyway, today’s pie was a pumpkin pie for Shelley. Shelley’s a friend of the family who’s lived around Conyers for a long time. I was excited about meeting up with Shelley today because she was going to give me a tour of Magnolia House, an assisted living home where the granddad of a friend of hers lives. Her mom also stayed there up until she passed away, and Shelley had nothing but great things to say about the place.

After my visit there this afternoon, I can see why. I shared this thought with Shelley–after hearing about bad stuff all the time–in the paper, on the news–it sure is nice to learn about something so good in our community. The folks there were very kind, and the facility was so homey and well-maintained. Our tour was with a lovely person named Pam, and it didn’t take me long to decide that these folks definitely deserved some pie. I’ll be heading over there next week with enough pies for their staff of 14 to all have some. It’s not easy working with the elderly, but it was clear that these people were doing an excellent job, and they deserve to be thanked.

This pumpkin pie was made in a homemade crust that I’ll call “rustic.” Upon my mother’s recommendation, I used a fork to crimp the edges. It’s not perfect, but I do like the way it looks. My daughter called it a “pumpkin flower pie.” The filling was the simple recipe on the can of pumpkin. I hope it tastes good. It sure did make the house smell like fall. The timing for that smell is perfect–today’s the first really cool day we’ve had.

Shelley visits Magnolia House often. When she does, she gives out what the people there need most: time and care. Thanks for caring, Shelley. And thanks for sharing your afternoon with me!

15 days to go!


2 thoughts on “Excellent…

  1. Ann Bryant says:

    What I love about so many of your pie deliveries is that you believe you’re doing something nice for deserving people. In reality, you are “paying it forward”…

    Thanks for being you!

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