Carnival Pie

Isn’t this pie pretty? It’s the Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie I just delivered it to my son’s elementary school for the Fall Carnival tomorrow evening. Funny story, actually. I was having a power-mom morning:

I had already helped out with a youth prayer breakfast, walked two miles at the park, baked two pies, washed the bath mats, and had homemade veggie soup for lunch.  I scheduled two doctor’s appointments and planned to get emissions testing on my car. I was even clean and decently dressed.

I was headed to school in a hurry to drop of the pie and some Cokes for the carnival. For a few minutes, in my mind, I was “THAT MOM.” You know the one. Has it all together with a bow on top…

As I hurried to get out of my van–holding the pecan chocolate chip pie seen here–my flipflop went all wonky and busted ALL over the place. Somehow, I did not fall, but I’d pay cash for a video of myself. My knee sort of “kissed” the pavement as I held the pie high like some sort of food sacrifice. I struggled not to curse and practically pulled a muscle in my neck trying to see if anyone had watched my bizarre offering to the Pie gods.

I limped into the school–my mouth full of humble pie–and reported to the office. Here’s the great thing. Those office ladies have got it goin’ on. They quickly produced packing tape, something like pliers, and some scissors and proceeded to help me repair my flipflop. I’m here to tell you that they are seriously underpaid. So the pie made it, and “NOT THAT MOM” headed back to the car, grateful that things turned out OK.

Here’s the second pie I made today–a repeat of the Coconut Pineapple Pie. My sweet husband more than hinted that he would like to try it, and we gave the last one away, so I made him another one. Of course, I “safety tested” it first–you know, for his protection. I’m pleased to say that nothing bad happened when I ate it. As a matter of fact, it was really delicious. Not too coconutty–just the right balance between the coconut and the pineapple. I do think that the first one probably turned out a bit firmer because it was in a shallower dish, but I repeat: I did not suffer.


4 thoughts on “Carnival Pie

  1. Ann Bryant says:

    Srsly, this is one of the best posts yet! I had a complete image in my mind of The Unfortunate Flip-Flop Incident, the food sacrifice body language, and the looking around to see if anyone had witnessed the entire thing. I’m wiping tears away….if you ever decide to turn your blog into a book, I will work with you editing! Meanwhile, in what corner of SaintHood must I live to be a part of tasting one of your delicious pies? I mean….we just live like 2 miles from you…..

  2. Johann Reid says:

    Know that you can make and deliver ANY kind of pie, but today’s ressitation (sp?) brought back long ago memories of flying off the front porch at 1818 and quickly leaping up to see if anyone noticed.

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