Pie in a jar!

I was so excited today to receive this link from my good friend, Becky. She’s really more of a cake lady, but I’m hoping she’ll suffer through a few bites of pie for my sake. Here it is:

Pie…in a jar!

It’s just about the cutest pie thing ever. Big kudos to the person who thought it up. I can’t wait to test it out. Also, I’ve been thinking about pies that were easy to ship, and these little cutie pies might just do the trick.

My mom is the master of all canned things–delicious relishes, green beans, jellies, and sauces, so I’m familiar with canned food, but this is one I’ve never seen. Should be fun to try.

Since I know my pie project will likely involve a lot of trial and error, I’d like to end this short entry with this likely-to-happen rhyme:


When your pie crust won’t roll out

And your dreams and hopes start to tumble

Throw those shreds right in the trash

And make yourself a crumble.

Such good advice. Isn’t life just like that? Even when things don’t turn out like we expected, there’s almost always a way to make the best of it.

Turning forty in forty-two days. Pie in only two.


One thought on “Pie in a jar!

  1. Lorraine Harrison says:

    I can’t wait to see the pie journey you are on. I will be glad to work with you in disposing of the “trial & error” items

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